Yule Log

Yule Log

christmas DIY : Yule Log

The Christmas period is fast approachingpresents in their thousands, family meals and all the sweets imaginable that are only brought out at end of year parties! Today we’re suggesting that we take another look at the unavoidable Yule log by making it into a sophisticated decoration for your party table or the inside of your home! Most-definitely gluten free and calorie free, this Yule Log will be a sight for sore eyes!

  • HOW TO

    • Glitter paper
    • The printables which you can download here and here
    • A pair of scissors
    • A Stanley knife
    • Gel glitter glue
    • Masking tape that you can find here
    • Some little toppers that you can find here, here and here

1. Cut out the printables which you will have preferably printed out on canson paper.

2. Copy the big shape onto the glitter paper. Do this same process again so that you create two ends for the log.

3. Stick the other printables onto the glitter shapes as indicated in the photo.

4. Take the second printable and with the blunt side of the Stanley knife, or a paperweight, mark out the folds by following the lines.

5. Fold the sheet of paper by following your marks and by making sure that the lines are on the inside.

6. Pierce two small holes in the centre of the printables which you will use to put your decorations in.

7. Tape the piece of paper together on the inside (you can make it stronger with a bit of glue).

8. Fold over the ends made out of glitter paper, add a bit of glue to them and put the glitter paper inside the roll.
Important: the part numbered 1 on the bottom of the printable must go at the bottom and must correspond with the 1 on the piece of paper. Repeat this process for the other side.

9. Add your decorations.

There you have it, your sparkling Yule log is finished! Use is as a table centrepiece at a Christmas Eve dinner to whet the appetites of all your nearest and dearest!


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