Wooly Bow Tie

Wooly Bow Tie

As we approach the winter months, the big, woolly jumpers are making their comeback ! Whether you agree or not, in our opinion there’s nothing lovelier than wrapping up warm in a nice scarf knitted by your mother or grandmother. And then the knitting, it’s a good idea to give personalised gifts to all your nearest and dearest for Christmas or their birthdays ! As we know, knitting a woolly hat can be a bit tricky and takes a long time, so we suggest that you start with a simple, dainty bow tie that you could slip into a party bag or use as a gift tag !


  • Two different balls of wool
  • Some chopsticks

1. To make a woolly bow tie, you need to firstly knit a wool rectangle using garter stitch.
Depending on the thickness of the wool and the size that you would like, it can be as big or as small as you wish. In the following example, we have gone up using 13 stitches on each of the 20 rows.
2. Start by putting on 13 stitches. For the beginners, we recommend that you have a little look at the online tutorial !

3. Then make the desired number of rows. We suggest that beginners stay on YouTube !
4. Once the 20 rows are knitted, you just have to finish off the job, like this !
5. To give the shape of a bow to your square, take a little bit of wool measuring about 30 cm and wrap it round the middle of the rectangle. Finish it off by tying a knot.

There you have it; your bow ties are finished ! You can use them as hair ties or as a necklace, for this just leave out 30 cm of extra thread at the start and end of your piece of work !


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