Wink Murder

Wink Murder

Wink Murder is a circle game. And children love circle games. And children love being chosen in a circle game. The most brilliant piece of news is that this means the game will last at least 10 min

— Let’s form a circle and sit down cross-legged. Do you know how to wink ? It’s like this. (Children rarely manage to wink, they blink both eyes.) I will choose a detective who will leave the room while I designate a “murderer” who will kill his or her victims by winking at them ! Lucy, you are our first detective.

— Let’s all say : “Out you go detective ! Out you go detective !”

— Emma, you are our first murderer. You must wink at all the children who look at you. Those who have been winked at lie down and play dead possum. You have to do it subtly so the detective cannot figure out who it is. Understood ?

— Yes !

— Emma, don’t start before I have given you the starting signal.

— Let’s call the detective back : “Detective, detective, detective !”

— Lucy, come in the middle. You must find the murderer before we are all dead ! Murderer, you can begin !

The murderer becomes the next detective…

The children are rarely able to blink, they generally just close both of their eyes.


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