Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Qui suis-je jeu pour enfant

This circle game works for children from 5 years old and is perfect to entertain the kids as soon as you’re starting to lose their attention a bit… you can even do it several times during the afternoon as a competition! Follow this tutorial for a fun and simple game!

— Let’s form a circle and sit down cross-legged. You will have to try to guess who I am. I will think of a character without telling anybody and you will have to guess who it is by asking me questions which only call for YES or NO answers. The child who finds the right answer will replace me. Are you ready?

— Yesss.

— I am ready. You can start.

— Is it a girl? A cartoon character? A singer? Is she kind? Has she got an animal friend?

Just a little tip: sometimes children don’t dare ask questions. They can be shy when they’re surrounded by their peers so feel free to whisper some questions to them!


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