What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

It’s so simple and children are obsessed with this game. The parents also, I might add. This game and nursery rhyme is all about childhood. Feel free to make it last more than 10 minutes. All the kids will want to play and they’ll also all want to be the wolf

— Stand all in front of me. Do you know a game called «What’s the time Mr Wolf ?»

— Yes !

— So Paul, you are Mr Wolf, face the wall please (or a tree). We are the sheep. We stand in line. Together we will ask the time to Mr Wolf «What’s the time Mr Wolf ?» If Mr Wolf replies «One o’clock !» we make 1 step forward. We will ask him the time again «What’s the time Mr Wolf ?»

— Paul answers «Three o’clock», so we take 3 steps forward.

The sheep ask the time again and step forward according to the time called out.

— When you get really close to the wolf, Mr Wolf answers «Dinner time !», then turns around and tries to catch you.

The captured sheep becomes the next Mr Wolf ! If Mr Wolf does not catch anyone, and all the sheep make it back to base before his grip, he has to be Mr Wolf again. If however, one of the sheep tags the wolf before he turns around, that sheep is free and Paul continues again as the wolf.


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