Unicorn Puppet

Unicorn Puppet

Puppet unicorn

Who hasn’t ever dreamt of seeing a unicorn galloping along outside of their window? Thanks to this DIY activity (and 4 of your fingers), your dream will become reality in just one afternoon!


  • The print-out, which can be downloaded here
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Liquid glue
  • Loom bands (the sparklier, the better !)
  • A 15 mm hole punch
  • Felt-tips or colouring pencils

Depending on the time that you want to spend on this activity and the age of the children, you can prepare 2 steps in advance:

1. Download and print the printout. Cut out the unicorns; you will need as many as there are children invited.
2. With the help of a hole punch, pierce the puppets where indicated.
3. Cut little pieces from the end of the loom bands, the children can then stick the pieces and create a mane for their unicorn.

4. For the tail, the children can stick a few scoobies on the back of the unicorn.

5. For very small children, the unicorns can be customised in a similar way using felt-tips or colouring pencils.

And there you go! All you have to do now is to organise a magical parade and make the unicorns gallop from rainbow to rainbow!


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