Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorn Birthday Party

unicorn birthday party

For many years now, the unicorn has established itself as the trendiest animal that there is. In fact, this enchanting creature has conquered the whole world (us included #guiltypleasure). Yes, the unicorn fascinates us, whatever our age. Your daughter has made it her spirit animal, so it is not surprising that the theme of her birthday party is unicorns.

For a successful unicorn-themed birthday party, there is only one simple rule to follow: you want unicorns? You got ’em! Too much unicorn never killed the unicorn. The rule less is more doesn’t work with unicorns. Put everything into having a magical atmosphere, and you will get it just right.

Just because the unicorn is an invincible animal, it doesn’t have to scare you. Let’s go on a magical ride!


T-31 For weeks your daughter has been dreaming of a real-life unicorn for her birthday party. Without having the animal in flesh and glitter, you fear the worst. You have even thought about renting a pony and decking it out with a horn for the afternoon. But the idea of renting the park that goes with it… You find a solution to the problem with this unicorn piñata. Your daughter is left speechless. The preparations can commence.

T-30 The date is settled on, and it is time to let the little guests know. The DIY unicorn invitations thought up by Marinette will do the trick #triedandtested. If you don’t have the time/don’t want to DIY, these ready-made unicorn invitations will be perfect.

T-29 The time has come to buy the party supplies (decorations, games, etc.). Most importantly, don’t forget: the piñata (the crucial part), mini figurines for the homemade invitations or the ready-made invitations. For the rest, let yourself get carried away in a universe made of pastel manes and golden horns.

T-24 The final mini figurine has been stuck on the invitations… At one point, you said to youself “what’s taking me so long?!” but, having seen the result, you are really proud! You trust your daughter with the heavy task of handing them out. The invitations include the names of her classmates, her name, your address and your telephone number, so all should be okay.

T-20 You start by establishing a mental plan of what you would like the party to be like. #teamorganised. And in your head it’s just perfection: you imagine a rainbow decoration (we explain it step by step here) and unicorns that fly. Normal.

T-20 CONTINUED If you start to panic about the magnitude of the task, compared to what you had imagined, reread the following phrase three times: EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. That’s what we’re here for, we’re here for you. And your friends are too. Don’t hesitate to tell a friend, your sister or your husband the date of the party and ask them to keep it free from now on. And feel free to learn this article off by heart. #teamjoke

T-10 You smile while thinking about your outfit. You hesitated but you did the right thing; with this headband, the true unicorn of the party will be you. No alterior motive in that phrase. An iridescent white t-shirt and white jeans for the final touch. It’s risky but nothing can get the coat of a fantastic animal dirty. #youarefantastic. Snap out of your daydream, you are looking for anything that resembles a unicorn closely or even slightly. Some examples: a horse on a wooden stick, little ponys, Barbie’s horse… And then you will add a horn to transform them into unicorns (DIY coming soon).

T-10 CONTINUED You did the right thing taking a second headband, your daughter “can’t wait to turn into a unicorn”.

T-7 Playlist, check. Printouts, check. The list of games and the games themseves, check. Printable unicorn masks, check. I did a unicorn horn workshop myself just so that I am ready for D-Day. The children will grow pale with jealousy.

T-1 If you have not already called on the services of Chez Bogato, make yourself a beautiful unicorn cake with the inspiration of Pinterest. For the base, place two cakes ontop of one another and cover with white icing. For those like me who do not have great knowledge of baking, an upside-down ice-cream cone will make a lovely unicorn horn. It is essential to colour it with food colour spray. Another option: the DIY unicorn cake topper will have a lovely effect. Otherwise, for the audacious and daring, there is always the solution of the American rainbow cake! The best thing would be to couple the rainbow cake with the unicorn-horn cone and cover it with coloured sugar…

T-1 CONTINUED Start to prepare the venue, inflating ballons with air (and waiting until the next day for the helium ones), hanging up the bunting garlands… Fill the piñata, following this advice and place it front and centre so that you don’t forget to hang it up on D-Day. #therewillbedamage

Download the forward planning


9H30 Your daughter assures you of it; she’s seen the piñata move. You must get up and come see it. The atmosphere in the house is mysterious and dreamlike, in other words, spot on the theme.

9H35 Prepare the party bags. Sort out the little surprises (jokes, bubbles, hair clips…), make little piles (a pile of sweets, a pile of gifts, a pile of stickers, a pile of paper bags) and fill them.

10H00 Now for the decorations. Cut the ribbon, attach the balloon weights.

11H30 The balloons are inflated, the pretty clusters float almost everywhere. Slide in the mylar unicorn balloons. It feels like a magical stable.

11H45 Just as much as the saying “it smells like a pony” has a (very) negative connotation, “it smells like a unicorn” signifies that things are on the right track.

12H00 Everything is in its place. It’s time for lunch and some quiet time before the enchanted storm hits.

15H00 The doorbell rings. Your headband attracts “ohhhh”s of admiration from the children and “euuuuh”s of questioning from the parents. Little by little, the children take over the living room. To get them in the mood, you draw a rainbow on their faces.

15H05 Make a circle, sit down and introduce yourselves. You start: “I’m the mother of…, I’m not a teacher”. Everyone gives their name, their age, their mother’s name, their favourite game, their favourite colour, and their favourite cartoon. And in a tone of confidence, you can say what games will be played today, and that there is only one rule this afternoon: everyone plays together.

15H10 Start with a unicorn quiz, in order to set the scene.

15H20 Now that everyone knows unicorns like the back of their hands, let’s escape into their fanstastic world; it’s time for a memorable story. The first word must be “unicorn” of course, and from then on, it will take a bit of imagination.

15H30 Evervyone has followed the dress-code, and pastel colours are definitely not lacking. Take it one step further with the DIY sparkly unicorn globe.

16H While that dries, you could play the game “The Missing Object“? (note: If you are an organised person, you will have already gathered 10 objects relating to the unicorn universe. To give you some ideas: this necklace, these hair clips, some rings, this pin, a key-ring, some toys from the DIY invitations… And you can then divide up the little gifts among the children, who will be more than delighted.)

16h15 Time for Pass the Parcel. (note: Even if “The Unicorn Song” by Natoo seems to be a good idea for the first round, I can tell you now, it is not AT ALL appropriate.)

16H32 Snack time. Your cake is so beautiful that you wouldn’t dare cut it. However, it turns out to be delicious, so you don’t regret cutting it.

16H45 Another DIY workshop? Make your unicorn fabric bag. Don’t forget to ask the children to put their name on their bag. This advice is valuable for all workshops in order to avoid drama and the end of the day!

17H00 lt is time to wake the sleeping unicorn. (The Tickle Monster revisited).

17H05 Before breaking the unicorn, have a photobooth with the queen of the party. The children love to pose with the unicorn, giving it hugs and kisses, shaking it to guess what’s inside…

17H15 Piñata time! The time has come to set free the surprises contained inside the star of the show, the unicorn piñata!

17H20 Shall we play a game of What’s the Time Mr Wolf? Is it not funny to imagine a unicorn being chased by a wolf, no?

17H30 Musical Statues!

17H45 One more game: Pin the Horn on the Unicorn.

17H55 And to finish, the presents!

18H05 The guests have left. The party is finished. You’re knackered! If a misinformed friend asks you for a drink or for dinner, here’s your excuse: “I can’t tonight, I have pony unicorn-riding class”.

This detailed breakdown makes a dream come true. It’s a taste of the ideal birthday party, according to me. It doesn’t take into account the games that are shrugged off by the children with a wave of the hand, it doesn’t take into account the children who sigh before you have even finished your sentence, and those who want to be the leader again and again. Feel free to click on the age of your child and to pick and choose from the games that are not suggested in this list. There are plenty!

This detailed breakdowen was written for children who love unicorns, and children who love unicorns are usually between 5 and 7 years old. For even smaller children (very mature) or even bigger children (the power of the unicorn knows no limits), it would be a good idea to have a look for games in the age range of your child. They can always be adapted!

If you do the DIY workshops, the idea is that the children can put everything that they made inside of the fabric bag so that they can bring it all home. And you can add some sweets and whatever else was inside the pinata! Children love to be responsable for the contents of their surprise party bag, especially from about 6 years old.


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