Unicorn Bag

Unicorn Bag

unicorn bag

The passion for bags can come at any age! So, during the party, organise a glittery unicorn tote bag workshop! If, after that, your child doesn’t end up as the artistic director for leather goods at Céline, then I give up!


  • Customisable fabric bags here
  • 3D glitter gels
  • Felt tips or fabric pens
  • Unicorn cookie cutter
  • Unicorn head print-out here

1. Prepare as many tote bags as there are children, and give one glitter gel pen to each child – they can then swap tubes with each other! Feel free to have a look at the creative activities section of My Little Day, where you will find plenty of other ideas for customising your tote bags!

2. Slide a sheet of paper inside the bag to avoid the pen or paint running through to the other side.

3. Draw around the the cookie cutter with a dark pen to create the outline for the activity. From ages 6 or 7, the children can draw the outline themselves. If the children are younger, pre-trace the outlines onto each bag so it’s easier. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, you can use the print-out!

4. All that’s left to do is to colour in the unicorn! The children can also do other decorations on the bag, write their name, etc…


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