One Two Three… Funny Faces!

One Two Three… Funny Faces!

Funny faces kid's game

One, two, three, funny faces! It’s like grandmother’s footsteps but a little more difficult. It’s a game for older children, you must be able to make a statue, make a horrible face and go forward with a set approach.

— I will choose a “funny face captain” who will stand facing the wall and shout: “one, two, three… funny faces!” Meanwhile, you move forward mimicking steps that I will show you. When the “funny face captain” says “funny face”, he turns around. All the players must then freeze like statues with funny faces. If you move or you don’t make a funny face, you go back to the starting line. The child who is the first to touch the “funny face captain” shouts “funny face!” and becomes the next “funny face captain”. Are you ready?

—  Yes!

— Henry, you are the first “funny face captain”. For the first round, I would like the other children to walk like little mice. Don’t forget to make a funny face!

You can vary the steps for each new round: hop on one foot, bounce as a kangaroo, stamp, make giant strides, side steps, go backwards… and make sure that everybody has understood by asking them to show you first.

To amuse them and add spice to the game, you can tickle them to check if they are real statues. And to help a shy or reluctant child, appoint him as your tickling assistant!


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