Two-Tone Balloons

Two-Tone Balloons

Two-Tone Balloons

Here at My Little Day, balloons are not a party item taken lightly. It’s quite simple, they are essential for a successful party decoration! For Halloween, we’ve decided to give these balloons a little artistic touch and make them two-toned! All you need is a little bit of paint, a drop of imagination and really that’s all there is to it! This idea was inspired by the absolutely delightful blog A subtle revelryGet your paintbrushes at the ready!


  • Some white balloons
  • Some paint (watercolours or acrylic)
  • A paintbrush

1. Inflate your balloon with either helium or air.
2. Mix your different tubes of paint to get the colours that you’d like.
3. Take your paintbrush and make a circle around your balloon to mark out the zone that you’re going to paint. Then, depending on what you’d like to do, paint the top or bottom of the balloon.

And there you have it, your two-tone balloon is finished! Hang them up around your house for a great party… now all that’s left to do is to invite your guests!

Sometimes when you paint a balloon inflated with helium, the fresh paint creates a bit of weight. As soon as the paint is dry, the ballon floats. Consider diluting your paint with water, the task will be easier and the paint will set better on the balloon. 

Don’t hesitate to do this activity during a workshop at a birthday party with older children! And leave the children to divide up the painted balloons between them!


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