Treasure Hunt of Death

Treasure Hunt of Death

la chasse aux trésors

Treasure Hunt: step by step


This treasure hunt works for Easter but it also works as a regular treasure hunt for a rainy day, for a birthday party, for a hen weekend, for a pyjama party…in short, it works whenever you want it to! If you want to do it for Easter, with each clue you can hide some chocolates with each clue, leaving a big Easter egg for the final hiding spot = the treasure, the chocolate rabbit !

To make a treasure hunt, you will of course need clues. Once the clues are done, before you hide them around your house, you have to make a reminder of what the clue is and where they are hidden so you don’t forget !! Otherwise you could end up searching for hours !

I have chosen about ten different types of clues, the ones that I find the funnest and that work for all ages ! Each clue is a new type of enigma. Off we go! I have prepared everything for you, you can obviously change the hiding places – I have opted for hiding places that can be found in a small Parisian apartment!

Let’s begin!! From now on, I am you (organiser and chief of the treasure hunt) and I am talking to my children (thus, your children) !!!

I have made you a map (a plan of your apartment or house), whenever you find a clue you should make a cross on the map where it was hidden (if you have adapted this into an Easter egg hunt then get them to draw an egg on the map at each stage!!!!) There are 11 clues overall. Are you ready?!

1- Here’s the first clue! (It’s quite vague) “THE CLUE IS IN YOUR BEDROOM”. This is an instruction clue. A bit plain but a good place to start! Lead your little ones up to their bedroom and lead them to the first clue by telling them “getting warmer” or “getting colder” ! Help them if they need it of course! Once the first clue has been found, that’s when the fun really begins!

2- Bravo! Now you have to decipher this new clue! This is a puzzle clue. You have to cut up a photo of the place where the next clue is hidden. If you don’t have a printer you can also make a drawing and cut that up! “To know where to find the next clue, you have to stick the pieces of the picture back together! The photo or the drawing will tell you where to look”. Well done the clue is in the living room! Hot, cold, warm, all of that jazz, off we go…

indice puzzle chasse aux tresors

3 – Well done! you have found the next clue? Warning, this clue is an enigma by Père Fouras (more enigmas can be found on this site)! Here we go… “IT ALWAYS COMES BACK FIRST, IT ALWAYS LEAVES LAST. WHAT IS IT?” Ahahahah (evil laugh). Ok, that one can keep the little ones ones occupied for hours. You can help them if they’re really struggling, given that you know the response! It’s a KEY!!! Thus, the next clue is…??? In the key box!

indice pere fouras

4 – New clue ?! What is it? It’s a riddle of course (so its tortuous!) It goes like this “IT HELPS YOU DO YOUR HAIR, IT HELPS YOU DO YOUR MAKEUP, IT HELPS YOU GAZE AT YOURSELF…”. If that isn’t enough of a clue “not only does it show you your reflection and tell you that you are the most beautiful person in all the land, it can also help you a lot today”. Where is the clue hidden? Behind the mirror in the bathroom!!!

l'indice devinette

5- Now you have the next clue! You have to decipher it: it is a backwards clue!!! A mirrored clue!!! It is written the wrong way round. To read it, you have to place it in front of a mirror. If not, you will never understand it! Can you make out what it says? Well done !!! “IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROLL OF TOILET PAPER”.

indice miroir

6 – Ahhhhh a rebus puzzle! Long live the rebus puzzle generator (you’ll find it here!). Here is mine which says “THE NEXT CLUE IS IN THE CAT FOOD”

indice rebus

7 – Ohlalala but what do we have here, a new clue!!! It’s an anagram, which means that the letters are all jumbled up. If you want to spice things up you can do more than just a word but a whole phrase. I know, that’s demonic! The clue is “NH ETI  SNGAWIM  HACINEH” which of course unscrambles to read “IN THE WASHING MACHINE”. If your children are really confused then you can improvise to get them there!

indice anagramme

8 – Well done!! Now it’s time to decipher this clue: “LEIDFSTA URPL YIOJUHRA QWUEISLOTS”. You don’t get it?!? I’ll give you a hint on how to solve this one, you only need to read every second letter!!! (LIFT UP YOUR QUILT)

indice chasse aux trésors

9 -There are only three clues left before you find the treasure! You can take a break if your tired! A nap??? Chill time out?? This ninth clue is a charade. There’s a charade-generator right here if you need it. My clue goes like this “BETWEEN THE PAGES OF ______” then insert any book you like!!!


10 – But what’s this next clue?! 10 images! Its the mystery of the missing object! Choose about 10 mages or words (written in a grid) in 3 or 4 categories. For example: living thing (cat, fox, panda) fruit (banana, apple, cherry) object (bed, skateboard, book). Ask questions with yes and no responses. Eliminate the images as you go along. At the end there will be only one. It’s the clue! If the last clue is the BANANA for example then the next clue is hidden in the fruit bowl!

qui est-ce

11 – Wooooow! It’s the last clue! It is the Holy Grail of the treasure hunt. It is the alphabet substitution: with numbers, symbols, colours or images for each letter. For example use a picture of an avocado to replace the letter A, and a picture of a boat to replace the letter B. Or you can come up with any other code, for example tell your children that the letter K is actually letter A and have them work out the rest of the alphabet!!! Whatever works for you. Let them work out this message that “THE TREASURE IS IN THE LETTERBOX”

And there you have it! You’ve won!!! The treasure is yours!

indice chasse aux trésors

PS: Warning, hide the treasure in a place where there wasn’t another clue nearby. It would be annoying to stumble across the chocolate rabbit when you were only looking for a tiny kinder egg!!

PS 2: we have more examples for each clue in the article Easter Treasure Hunt which you can find on our blog too!!!!

PS3: Enjoy !

PS4: If your children are bigger (teens or even adults) you can adapt the format/clues of this treasure hunt to make it age appropriate or even give it to your parents to do!


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