Treasure Hunt – Avocado Style

Treasure Hunt – Avocado Style

avocadot style

The key to this treasure hunt is quite complex. Children participating will need a good level of reading or some help from your parents and elders.

— Are you ready for the treasure hunt ? Okay, I’m going to give you the first clue — Oooooooo — It’s only a bunch of letters. To decipher them, you must use the “avocado code”. What even is this code ? What’s an avocado ? It’s a fruit ! Has anyone already eaten one ? If it acts in the way that « A is as good as K », does this mean that the letter A equals the letter K ? So therefore, each letter corresponds to another letter.

— Ooooooooo !

— Shall we have a go ? Write all the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper. Then write the letter K opposite the letter A. The subsequent letters then correspond to the letters which follow. When you have deciphered the first clue, I will point out the way ahead. To help you, I’m going to say, “it’s hot” when you come close to the clue, “it’s cold” when you’re moving further away and “it’s warm” when you are heading in the right direction. Are you ready ?

— Yesss.

— The first clue said : “….

The code is avocado or A equals K, the letter A corresponds to the letter K (A=K – B=L – C=M – D=N…). The simplest way to do this is to prepare 3 or 4 clues that you’ve hidden before the friends arrive : a clue under the sofa, another under the washing machine, one under the duvet… Give very short and vague clues such as “in the living room” (make sure that you use the code A equals K) !


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