Time for Tea

Time for Tea

Le Goûter d'anniversaire des enfants

Teatime is the break in the middle of the afternoon, it’s time to have some cake, light the candles, sing Happy Birthday and celebrate! A little word of advice, feel free to bring up topics of conversation which are going to last for about fifteen minutes.

— Do you know how to make a little train?

— Yesssss!

— Okay, so if you all stand one in front of the other and attach yourselves together (put your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you). Make sure you don’t let go ! Are you holding on tightly?

— Yessss!

— I’ll go at the front of this train (put the hands of the leader on your waistline). I’m starting the music, and off we go…

— Make a little circuit where you go more or less quickly. You can do it like a snail, do zigzags, and direct yourself over to where you are going to eat. This will not last for more than 2 minutes but the kids love it. Sit them down at the table or on the ground and turn the music down slightly.

— Sit yourself down. Would you like apple juice, milk or squash… Would you like some sweets, cupcakes, tarts… Do you know what we sing at birthday parties?

— Yesss.

— Okay then, let’s have a go. “Happy Birthday to you…”. That’s very good, do you know how to sing it in any other languages?

— When you’re ready, start the countdown and sing “Happy Birthday” so that Felix can blow out his candles.

If you don’t have enough chairs or a big enough table, feel free to make a table on the ground like a picnic. If you go ahead with this option, the children will be delighted to help you lay out the tablecloth, to display some confetti and to put out the plates and cups.  

Feel free to have a conversation with the kids about some of their favourite topics of discussion: if they have any pets, what are their favourite games to play in the park… You can also give them an idea of what you’re going to do after teatime and emphasise the theme of the day, if indeed there is one. 

When everyone’s finished eating, suggest a quick detour to the toilet and then quickly regroup together your little team. 


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