Time for Challenges

Le Temps des défis

Time for Challenges

Older kids love challenges, quizzes, blind tests and basically anything that creates some competition. So, have some fun, make some teams and let the games begin.

— I will have you take on a few challenges. The most impressive team wins. Are you ready?

— Yes!

— How many planets are there in the solar system? (eight) Can you give me the names of four planets? (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, the Earth) What is a star? (a huge ball of gas)

— Want to carry on?

— Yes!

— What is a baby camel called? (calf) A baby kangaroo? (joey) A baby frog? (tadpole) A baby cat? (kitten). Shall we continue?

— Yes!

— Who are the baddies in Harry Potter? Which soccer team won the last World Cup? Of which country is Paris the capital city? Would you like some more challenges?

— Yes!

— I would like one person of each team to stand up. Margot and Henry? Count up to 10 standing on one foot. Well done! Oscar and Lucy, I would like you to imitate the cry of a whale! Very well done. Matthew and Harriet, I would like you to make your most horrible funny face. Lewis and Charlotte, can you do the splits? Well done everybody!

You can have them do a cartwheel, a headstand for 10 seconds with their feet against a wall, hold their breath for as long as possible, sing Head and Soulders as quickly as possible… the list goes on!


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