Theme of the day: Trees

Theme of the day: Trees

journée activité nature, arbre et créativité

Today we are connecting with nature. (Whether you’re near nature or not!) If you have trees near you, you can start by going outside and giving them a hug. If not, give yourself a hug instead! Here’s what we are getting up to today…

– We are perfecting the tree pose

– We are making a Wishing Tree following the example of Yoko Ono (this works with or without a tree, you can use a plant from your home or simply a wall!) You can ask your children to write little messages or make drawings to hang on the tree, the idea is that it brings hope – something we all need in these times we are living in!

– We are taking the opportunity to introduce our children to Yoko Ono and to pass on to them our love of the Beatles: Here comes the sun, Let it be, all of their best hits!

– Like Yoko Ono, we are transforming everything in our life into a work of art! For inspiration you can take a look at Robert Fillou’s work from 50 years ago, or browse the creations of Jean-Sébastien Blanc, who publishes images of his handiwork on instagram.

– We are baking surprise cakes! Firstly, you make a cake, whatever flavour you like, and when it is done, make a hole in the middle of the bottom layer. In here you can hide treasures like little love notes, jokes or charades. You can put sweets in there too! Once you have hidden them inside, close the cake with the top layer.  And when you cut it – wow!

-We are watching Pocahontas, Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, Princess Mononoke, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Enchanted Forest, The Never Ending Story or Maleficent!!!

-We are learning the words (in French) and sing along to Auprès de mon arbre (Beside my tree) by Brassens


Couronne de fleurs

Ballons fleur

Tableau Djeco

Gobelets fleuris

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