Theme of the day: The face

Theme of the day: The face

on dessine un visage avec des objets

Theme of the day: The face

*Today we are feeling inspired by the hashtag #dessinemoiunvisage to make faces using things we already have to hand in the house (super fun and responsable activity as there’s no need to buy anything): think Arcimbolo mixed with Greta Thunberg, and when we are done we we can put it back where it came from!

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plein d'idées pour dessiner un visage avec des objets

*We are following Sophie Carbonari’s advice and learning how to massage our faces

*We are drawing self portraits by looking in the mirror (or from memory!)

*We are turning our home into a spa following the hints and tips we found on Doolittle

*We are following the example of Virgin Honey and making our sandwiches into little faces!

sabine timm

* For entertainment we are watching Inside Out

*We are trying (quite unsuccessfully) to turn our potatoes into Mr Potato Head (not an easy task we must admit!)


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