Theme of the day: Sculpture

Theme of the day: Sculpture

#coronartbalance et idées de sculpture

Modeling and Creating

  • Explore the works of Erwin Wurm, the artist who refuses to make traditional sculptures. With your children take part in the #ErwinWurmChallenge using objects you can find at home – anything will work! I promise you will have a good laugh whilst trying to come up with your own One Minute Sculpture. Check out his work here
  • Build your own Tower of Babel using a mountain of Kapla or any other materials you have to hand
  • Take inspiration from Houseinhabit and Calder and use metal wire or sewing thread to create little sculptures of faces (or you can make them 2D, however you feel inspired!)
sculpture, ateliers et kapla
  • Following examples that you can find under the hashtag #coronartbalance create a sculpture using items from your fridge, your fruit bowl or your desk. Try and balance them so they don’t topple over!
  • Play musical statues. When the music stops, try and hold a balance without falling over. Don’t laugh either!


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