Theme of the day: Flowers

Theme of the day: Flowers

des ateliers pour les petits thème fleur


For our activities today we are going to need some flowers!

That may be hard if you are without a garden or don’t have access to a supermarket nearby which sells flowers

But if you have found flowers you can do so many things with them!

  • make a herbarium like Zoé de Las Cases (instagram : zoedelascases ) (you will also need a box of matches!)
  • make a wall of flowers
  • Following the example of JF Piège on Doolittle bake a delicious tart and cover it in flowers
  • with the flowers left over you can make a flower soup! #flowersoup
  • and to finish why not venture into the art of takaki zomé: you can follow the lead of by Paulette who has shared the best techniques on her instagram stories
faire des ateliers avec des fleurs

Since we are nice we have also got some ideas for floral activities that you can do without any real flowers!

  • make paper flowers, or tissue paper flowers, and turn them into crowns or bouquets
  • take inspiration from the paper flower bouquet made by Racine Paris (to make your own you will need paper, felt tips and talent!)
  • listen to Voulzy’s Le pouvoir des fleurs (if you learn the lyrics you can sing along all day!)
  • make floral bandages like @tsofiah
  • to wind down watch Alice in Wonderland
atelier de fleurs en papier ou brodées


Couronnes de fleur

Ballons fleurs

Invitations fleurs

Gobelets fleuris

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