Theme of the day: Fish

Theme of the day: Fish

poisson d'avril

Theme of the day: fish!

Today is the 1st of April! Here’s what we are getting up to…

-We are creating little fishies like those made by Elise Bautista for Milk Magazine (super cute and the principal component is a finished roll of toilet paper!)

-We are then transforming them into cute hanging decorations or mobiles

les idées tutos poisson dans le milk magazine

-We are inspired by  Virgin Honey  to find little objects around our homes and arrange them to look like little fish! Take a photo!

-For breakfast and dinner we are of course eating fish!

-For a beautiful reminder to look after our planet we are watching Ponyo by Hayao Miyazaki

-We are playing the game of Little Fishies. Find the instructions on the blog too!

-We are printing out fishies from Omy and Oelwein and coloring them in. Then we stick them on everyone’s backs when they aren’t looking!

des poissons pour des ateliers coloriage


Tutu rose

Chapeaux de pirate

Ballons confettis

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