Theme of the day: Cute cats!

Theme of the day: Cute cats!

chat mignon

Today we are treating ourselves.

We are looking at cats all day!

There doesn’t need to be a reason, but we are justifying it anyway because:

  • looking at cats is good for us
  • seriously, it has been proven scientifically
  • and being honest, we can’t take any more things that aren’t scientifically proven

And there we have it, something everyone can agree on.

Now, for the cats!

des activités ludiques autour des chats

Here is all the information you could need to spend your day:

  • cuddling your cat (if you are lucky enough to have one)
  • adopting the attitude of a cat (knowing how they sleep, how they like to be cuddled, how they eat and how they clean themselves)
  • watching and laughing at videos or pictures of cats online (there are plenty. Ohhh the decisions we have to make in confinement. Dont’t worry we have made you a good selection)
  • watching cartoons with cats in them (for me, that consists of The Aristocats, The Cat Returns, A Cat in Paris, Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Rabbi’s Cat, Garfield; Tom and Jerry, Hello Kitty, Tweety and Sylvester, Puss in Boots…)
  • listening to podcasts about cats. There is something for everyone : one for the little ones, and another for the slightly older kids, and one that both can enjoy
  • doing cat related activities and crafts like

*turning your balloons into cats

*playing the game of poorly cat

*playing cat and mouse

*making cat-mallows

*coming up with a cat-themed quiz, for example: what is the name of Hermione Granger’s cat in Harry Potter? what is the name of the Queen of England’s cat?

*playing Pictionary where the goal is to guess well known cats

journée des chats

And what’s the point of this?

  • because after Frida Kahlo, cats are the undeniable champions of lockdown
  • because we have run out of ideas (only messing)
  • because « cute cats are good for concentration » apparently. Look it up, I believe it!
  • because its SCIENTIFIC! Cats cause us to release hormones like endorphins and serotonin, making us relaxed and in a good mood. Their purring helps aid against stress, insomnia and anxiety. Therefore, looking at cats (whilst at home) is an act of resistance against Covid-19.
  • because there is an online exhibition on cats throughout the history of art and, for once, it’s very well done!
  • because when we get out I will open a cat café (I have always dreamed of it and now I am reevaluating my priorities)
  • and finally because International Cat Day is far away from now and it’s good to take ourselves away from this current reality

So this news should not only make you feel good but will also help you concentrate if you are working from home!!

To sum up, I have watched lots of videos of cats. I am not going to question the theory mentioned above…I think it is important to cover only essential subjects at this time

And the only downside is that cat videos cause more pollution than aeroplanes! Thus, cats are responsible for deforestation…


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