Theme of the day: Frida Kahlo

Theme of the day: Frida Kahlo

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Frida Kahlo will always be our lockdown hero. Her body was broken, Frida was trapped inside. She started to paint as a means of reviving herself. The accident was a point of rupture for Frida, and painting was her rebirth. From this forced confinement was born a new perspective, a restructuring of her life.

Laid out in a plaster cast, stuck in her room, she transmitted all of her energy, her desires, her story, her life, into her painting.

Just writing it down gives me goosebumps. The idea of searching within yourself and discovering an entire world to be drawn out.

So take your brushes! Fresco or miniature?

Now, faced with the idea of passing weeks locked away, we are getting creative like Frida by customizing shawls with embroidery, hoping to turn them into either cushions or little tableaus. We are taking inspiration from the works of Beatriz Milhazes and Henri Matisse. Simply choose fabric, make a stencil and trace the design onto the fabric, and then we embroider! All whilst listening to podcasts, watching films, reading books… about Frida of course! Yes I am a bit obsessed!

You can choose from our selection of DIY Frida-inspired projects (depending on your age or the age of your children)!

Take advantage of your time off during lockdown (or your weekend if you are working from home) to…


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