The Wish Jar

The Wish Jar

wish jar

We all dream that good fairies sit at the crib of our newborn: ” She will be beautiful, have hair as yellow as corn, the radiance of a rose in the sunshine, and ruby red lips. Her voice will be pretty, her life will be melodic, the nightingale, her trobadour, will sing to her every day”! Maybe your friends aren’t called Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, but they’ll still be able to send all their best wishes to your baby! Use this simple tutorial to create a great decor and receive beautiful well wishing words from your nearest and dearest!


  • Small pieces of paper
  • Some masking tapes, which can be found here, or some ribbons
  • A jar
  • Some pens

1. Prepare the pieces of paper in advance.

2. Hand out the little pieces of paper and some pens.

3. After having written their wish, your friends can roll them up and fasten the paper with some masking tape / ribbon.

4. Close the jar and put this jar of wishes in your baby’s room until he/she is old enough to read them!


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