The Surf Birthday Party – The Birthday Party On The Beach

The Surf Birthday Party – The Birthday Party On The Beach

Any ressemblance to someone from your entourage is coincidental ! Organising a surf-themed party is possible : with friends we take part in a surf training week in Hawaii (ok Cornwall), complete with cocktails and surf instructors ! With the children, we have surf lessons in Newquay, with lemon fanta and surf instructors !
It goes to show that you don’t need much in life; the ocean, waves and surf instructors !


Organising a surf-themed birthday party after a surfing lesson is a great way to create group cohesion, to give a respite to the guest’s parents (idleness forever) and to be the coolest parent in the world ! If your children are human, after a 2 hour surfing lesson they’ll be exhausted ! Therefore we’ll be organising a 2 hour birthday tea party, to which we’ll invite the teachers and club boss.Take advantage of the opportunity to negociate a reduction for next year !


All the children from the Tutti Frutti club are here ! Let’s start with the snack.

The decor is simple , normally the beach surroundings make their own impression, evidently ! We put up two parasols and place a picnic table (or any old table) in the middle. Between the two parasols, we hang a blue tassel garland, because it’s a birthday party. On the other hand, we skip the balloons as they’ll blow around too much because of the wind.

On the table, we keep it simple : individual water bottles and customised cans of juice, the elements are playing against us so we have to be simple ! An easy-to-transport chocolate cake with a DIY shark fin on top, and blue serviettes that serve as plates. EASY. Shark-shaped sweets, watermelon lollipops (tutti frutti 4ever <3). And for the luckier ones, we could go to the ice cream parlour (they never let me have one…) !

Each child wears his DIY surf glasses (too cool) and we start with simple games !

1 : Giant surf memory game ! On either foam board or real cardboard, we make beach-related patterns: a surfboard, a shark fin, a wave, a parasol, a palm tree, a sun… and we make them twice ! We put the cards face down on the sand and the game can begin ! If there are lots of children or they’re a bit older, don’t hesitate to make cards with the same patterns but in different colours ! There it is, the children know each other a bit better, we can start to play the funnier games !

2 : Apple bobbing, put as many apples as there are participants in a large bowl filled with water. When the game begins, the children have to pick up an apple with their teeth, without using their hands. EASY. Then, they have to go aroudn the obstacles (through hoola hoops, over hurdles etc…) to get to the flag (40 metres away) and put the apple into the second bowl. The first person to get there wins !

3 : If it’s hot (lucky), we organise the ultimate game, the water fight !! We prepare in a bowl 5 water bombs for each guest (adults included) and we tell the children the number of water bombs before the match ! You’re guaranteed at least 15 minutes of mad fun on the beach ! The funny moment is when you dive into the water to avoid the water bombs… I think I’m still traumatised from that moment in my life !

4 : To continue with the water games, we organise a waterslide contest. We spread out some tarpaulin on the sand which we fasten down with heavy pebbles and we cover it with water and washing-up liquid (not too much or you will end up with a foam party) and then you’re free to slide; on your back, on your stomach, by skidding… … it’s a hit !!!

5 : If the vibe is still there, we continue the festivities with an AIR SURF competition ! All to a BEACH BOY playlist ! Create a large mound of sand in advance to act as a platform for the board. We put two planks on the sand mound, which the children have to mount ! They have to copy the leader, get up, balance themselves on the board, tackle some waves… the other children can also raise the boards to create some turbulence, rodeo style!

Before the children leave, you could organise the opening of the presents, but in the context of a post-holiday club snack there shouldn’t be too many to be had. Thats fine, the most important thing is the party and the waves ! As the children start to leave little by little, we start a beach football match in the sand, which can last for hours !

It’s time to leave, a bag of sweets (the shark ones !) for the children, no presents, they’re already happy enough to be here and you’ll see them tomorrow, in the surf!!


We’ve been organising this week with friends for months: surfing, tequilla, outdoor cinemas with reruns of Point Break every evening, and Paolo’s birthday party !

A little advice if this idea comes to you (after hearing talk of a team-building surfing week at a super cool business): surfing is hard ! Being in the water all day isn’t easy, so I probably wouldn’t advise this theme for novices.

Whatever happens, in a group there are always differences in levels (Not everyone can be Johnny Utah) so we’ll be taking a teacher, maybe two ! We’ll say that they’re called Brad and Keanu (of course, one is Californian and one is Hawaiian!) and we stick to them all week !


Saturday is here ! Normally, you all have sore muscles, Brad and Keanu have ditched you because Helen hasn’t been able to stop herself from swooning over them (naturally) ! As a result it should be herbal tea and bed ! However, you’re warriors, you can still organise something, Paolo has been dreaming of this birthday celebration !

After a surfing session, we organise the final dinner of the week (and then it’s over…) We stay on the beach and prepare a picnic fit for a king ! Lots of tartan rugs, and everyone’s wearing their swimming costume and hoody.To be festive, we make surf glasses and Hawaiian necklaces, perfect for the souvenir polaroid photos ! We’ve also bought some fluorescent make-up for a perfect Ibiza effect !

For the evening meal, the most organised people will have made a team barbecue in the holiday cottage or on the beach at the end of the afternoon and bought some salads and Corona ! We’ve also prepared bowls of punch and pineapple cups ! For dessert, a simple chocolate cake (already a feat with a holiday cottage kitchen) with some shark fin toppers !!

We start to soak in the atmosphere, it has already been quite a day ! We organise a sliding contest (we spread out some tarpaulin on the sand which we fasten down with some heavy pebbles. We cover it with water and washing up liquid (not too much otherwise it will turn into a foam party) and it’s time to slide: on your back, on your stomach, sliding on your feet… it’s a hit !!! If the day is still there and the participants are ready to go, apple bobbing and water fights always go down well !

As the night begins to fall, we start with the bombay sapphire gin cocktails, some tonic and some shark sweets ! We give out Paolo’s presents; a new tracksuit and a flamingo inflatable ! Great ! We put on the summer playlist and start the crazy AIR SURF competition ! We put two planks on the sand mounds and stand on them ! We imitate Brad and Keanu and their show-off mannerisms, we move, we try and balance on the board, we pretend to tackle the waves, we imitate Beyoncé and we transform into Bondhi Salver right up to the hair ! Obviously, the others can lift up the boards to to create some turbulence, rodeo style !

The night is in full swing, it’s dark and cold. We leave the beach behind us and we go dancing in a club ! We quietly get past the bouncer whilst Helen gets it on with Joe, the leader of the surf school ! We see Brad and Keanu again, they offer us a drink, surf teachers are nice ! We leave at 5 am. When we get home, the bravest watch Point Break, we don’t want to leave :  “ONE MORE WAVE, JOHNNY” !

It was love at the beach


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