The Shopping List

The Shopping List

In order to throw a birthday party, there are a number of essential items. And I mean obligatory ! Here’s my non-exhaustive list and a PDF ready for you to copy and make your life easier.

The idea is not to get rid of the simple shopping list. The idea is to tell you why the products in that list are important. And to list them to you in order of importance.

The Cake Candles are the essential part of any birthday party. To be honest, it’s partly because of candles that our adventure started 8 years ago – when Gabriella celebrated Margaux’s 3rd birthday ! I’ll let you do the math and figure out what age she is. With her group leader experience, she managed Margaux’s friends like a goddess, until the cake arrived. At that point, she noticed : there were no candles ! Arthur, faced with Gabriella’s panic, took things into his own hands and went to buy candles from the shop. At that point, she realised that she was unable to do everything, or think of everything, and so that very same day, we decided to create My Little Day.

The Balloons are equally as important for any party. All it takes is a few balloons to say that you’re at a party ! A balloon on the door points out the party venue, a ceiling of balloons is an invitation to dance the night away… the list goes on, balloons are crucial !

The Bunting to balloons is like what an apple is to a pear. They compliment eachother. Bunting is also essential. It ‘s a reminder of popular festivals, sports events and of course parties !

The Disco Ball : This is optional, but for me it’s essential. There can’t be a party without a disco ball ! And what a joy it is to see the light reflected in it. A little bit of effort and you’re transported into a Yayoi Kusama installation.

The Sweets : A birthday without sweets ?! That’s more like a punishment. Party guests expect sweets and treats. It’s impossible to skip this one. The more the merrier ! If you have any leftovers, stick them in the guests’ party bags.

The Juice : I would love to advise you to only bring fruit juice, mint juice and grenadine. But I feel obliged to tell you that you’ll put a smile on thee kids’ faces if you offer cola and orangina too. Also make sure to provide water, sparkling water and milk to cater for everyone !

The Cake : So, with the cake we have two options. There are those who put everything on a cake full of colour and toppers to match your theme, mainly for aesthetic reasons. And then there’s the others. I’m part of this team. For one very simple reason : the majority of children (not all but a lot of them) don’t like anything too complicated or detailed on their cake ! Therefore, it’s easier to make them happy with a chocolate cake or a Victoria sponge cake ! Afterall, it’s the taste that counts, right ?!

The Pinata has become the birthday party must-have, the most anticipated moment of the afternoon ! Children love to pull on the threads and see the surprises appear. You can fill it with knick-knacks, small gifts and confetti, even sweets. In this case, use packaged sweets to avoid finding yourself with crushed and sticky sweets everywhere !

Paper Bags : To avoid finding yourself in a critical situation in which you have to use freezer bags to give the party bags to the children… I advise you to put paper bags as an essential on your list, knowing that kids expect their party bags at the end of the party just like they expect the pinata… Certain parents are against them and I understand. Again, there is no need to fill them with gifts ; add in some sweets, a Penguin bar joke written by hand, a balloon, the party hat that they had on their head during snacktime or what they made during the craft workshop and they’ll be happy. What they want is to bring something back to their house from the party ! A little like a treasure or a memory.

The Party Hats are very important for me. They are also neccessary. Grab a pointy hat and everyone knows you’re partying. Let’s go !

Optional :

– Invitations : you can handmake them yourself if you like.

– Tableware : because you can use your own.

– Goody bags to replace the paper bags : there’ll still be balloons and you will have made paper crafts during the party that the children will leave with.

– Craft workshops : you’ll be playing games all afternoon anyway !



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