The Not So Obvious Rules

The Not So Obvious Rules


The not so obvious rules which will make sure your birthday party runs smoothly and which will explain how you can introduce yourself and explain to the children how the afternoon is going to pan out.

– When the children arrive, ask them to put down their presents in a corner that you’ve previously selected with your child. Let your child and your guests know that the presents will be opened at the very of the party. For a party that ends at 18h, open the presents at 17h45 or even 17h50. If you do it before, it can end in chaos.

– Gradually when the guests arrive, welcome them by using eyeliner to draw a moustache on the boys and fake eyelashes on the girls. This isn’t essential but you can do it if you like, it’s a fabulously fun idea ! It works better when you have two people to welcome them…

– Whilst waiting for all the friends to arrive, ask the children to introduce themselves and say a little bit about themselves : each person gives their name, their age, the name of their teacher, their favourite game, their favourite colour, their favourite cartoon…

– When all the guests have arrived, explain to them that this afternoon you’re going to play some really fun games all together and that you’re going to have lots of fun. It’s quite surprising, but if you’re enthusiastic (and believable), you’ll have already done half the work !

– Give out some little party bags for the guests (if you have them) when they are about to leave and have their coats and shoes on. Never before !

– And throughout the whole day, keep the faith !


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