The Musical Beret

The Musical Beret

Le beret musical jeu enfant

— Let’s play team games! Remain seated where you are. I will give each of you a number which you will have to remember. (You can ask them to repeat their number several times.)

— I will put a scarf in the middle of the room. I will for instance call the number 1. I would like the number 1 of each team to stand up and dance around the scarf, with his hands behind his back. I will start the music. When it stops, you will have to seize the scarf before your opponent and quickly sit back at your place. If the child who has the scarf gets caught by his opponent before having reached his team, it’s the opponent who gets the point. The first team which has a total of 3 points wins the round!

— Are you ready?

— Yes!

— I start the music. You must only take the scarf when I stop the music. Meanwhile, you walk around the scarf. Here we go! And the others, you must cheer your teammates on: “Come on Henry! Come on Phoebe!”

Call the numbers one by one. At the end, you can call two numbers at the same time.

When you distribute the numbers, you make them repeat their numbers back to you several times to ensure they remember it. 

Feel free to show them how to twist around a scarf, their hands behind their back, how to grab the scarf and how to touch the opponent: Feel free, when you have the first round, to do the game with the children.


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