The Little Fish

The Little Fish

poisson d'avril

The Little Fish is one of the favourite games amongst the little ones. It’s very rare that children know it, which is what makes it even more exciting !

— Come next to me and sit down, I’m going to teach you the little fish game.

— I’m going to choose a fisherman who will make a fishing net with me, with our arms in the air we’re going to choose a secret number between 1 and 5. The other children are the fish. The fishermen are going to shout “Little fish, little fish !” and count “1,2,3,4,5”, whilst the fish go under the arms of the fishermen. Suddenly, when they get to their secret number, the fishermen lower their arms, and if they catch a fish, the fish becomes a fisherman. The group of fishermen get bigger and the number of little fishies gets smaller. The last free fish is the winner and in the next round, they will be the first fisherman. Do you understand ?

— Yes !

— So, let’s start ! Paul, you are the first fisherman, come with me. Fish, go and spread yourselves out in the ocean !

— (Whispering) Paul, we’re going to count to 3.

— Let’s begin : “Little fish, little fish, 1, 2, 3” (Lower your arms and congratulate the terrible sharks who got away and the little fish who are now the formidable fishermen !

You can repeat the game 4 or 5 times in a row, children love it !


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