The Knight’s Helmet

The Knight’s Helmet

DIY to do a knight's helmet for a birthday

The ideal tutorial to perfect your knight costume !

The tools

  • The printable knight’s helmet
  • Brass fasteners
  • Grey paper
  • A skewer
  • Scissors
  • A polystyrene half-sphere
  • A can of silver spraypaint
Free tutorial to make a knight's mask

1. Download and print out the printable onto a sheet of grey paper.

Do it yourself to make a knight's helmet

2. Spray-paint the polystyrene sphere in advance, either outside or in front of an open window. Protect well the area where you spray paint. If you are doing this activity with children, do this step yourself. Let it dry well !

Free tutorial My Little Day to make a knight's mask

3. Cut out the printable.

4. Position the printable on the half-sphere. Make two marks where the holes in the printable are.

5. Pierce the half-sphere with the help of a skewer.

Free diy to make a knight's mask

6. Attach the printable to the sphere with brass fasteners.

Tutorial to create a knight's helmet

7. Tuck the brass fasteners inside.

Pro advice : If you don’t have spray paint, you could cover the circle in aluminium foil !

Free diy to make a knight's helmet for children's birthday


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