The Kissing Chairs

The Kissing Chairs

Des bisou, Mathilde Cabanas

The Kissing Chairs is THE favourite game of children. It’s very rare that they know it and it’s also very rare that they are not left seduced by it. It works with the littlest children but it works just as well with the older children which are bound to be a little awkward! Feel free to make it last at least 10 minutes.

— Let’s sit down in a circle. Do you know how to blow kisses (mime a kiss) and to pinch bottoms (mime pinches in the air)? I will choose two nice chairs (to be determined according to the number of children) that blow kisses. The others will be naughty chairs that pinch bottoms.

— Oooooohh!

— I will choose a detective who will stay in the next room while I select the nice and the naughty chairs. Emma you are our first detective, let’s all say: “Out you go detective, out you go detective!”

— Who would like to be a nice chair?

— To welcome the detective, we all blow him false kisses and pretend pinches with our hands.

— “Detective, detective, detective!”

— Emma, you must sit down on the chairs to find out if they are nice or naughty. You win when you have found a nice chair.

— Nina, you are the nice chair that has been found, so you are our new detective: “Out you go detective! Out you go…”

Encourage the detective to sit on his friends’ lap or on yours to kindly pinch his bottom. The game continues until a nice chair is found.

If there are a lot of children, don’t hesitate to designate more than 2 nice chairs.  

Children love round games, they also want to be chosen as the detective at least once. 

The children take a perverse pleasure in saying the sentence “out you go detective”! It’s as if a rule has been lifted. Feel free to make them repeat it several times. 


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