The Edible Snowman

The Edible Snowman

The marshmallow man

During a Frozen themed birthday party, the guests will take pleasure out of making with their little hands a delicious snowman good enough to eat, to taste on the spot or to bring home with them as a sweet souvenir of the party!


  • Marshmallows
  • Cachous
  • Orange tic tacs
  • Mikados
  • Mini Smarties
  • Food glue

1. Take three marshmallows, dip them softly into the water and then stick them one on top of the other. Put the one on the top in a different direction to the two others to make the head.

2. Take some mikados and cut them in two.

3. Using the food glue, stick a mikado, or simply put it in each side of the middle marshmallow to create the arms.

4. Using the food glue, stick on the cachous to form the eyes.v

5. Then stick the orange tic tacs in the centre of the face to make the nose and use the mini smarties to decorate the body of the man.

There you have it; your Frozen themed snowman good enough to munch is finished! You can savour it during the birthday party or carry it home with you by customising a box using a glitter star!

Music advice: to liven things up and to cook like a true queen of the snow, there is nothing better than the funny and ironic little song that Olaf sings: “In Summer!”


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