The Dinosaur’s Memory

The Dinosaur’s Memory

dinosaur memory

When we think about dinosaurs, we think of the tyrannosaurus rex, the brontosaurus, the velociraptor, the triceratops… Basically, when we think of dinosaurs, there’s a lot that comes to mind. We’ve taken everything to do with dinosaurs and we’ve made them into a memory game which everyone enjoys: the memory of the dinosaurs! Good, especially the little ones because I’m challenging you to keep your concentration, to win and to not succumb to the little voices in your head which might be whispering Come here, I’m taking you away


  • Some drawing paper
  • Some glue
  • Some scissors
  • The printable to print out here

1. Print out two copies of the printable.
2. Stick the sheets onto pieces of card to reinforce the paper.
3. Then cut out each dinosaur.

And there you have it; Bob’s your uncle! Now, you can make two teams and organise a memory game with the children!

During the dinosaur’s memory, you can also ask the children to try and identify each one, and give them a name. If they know how to write, they’ll be able to themselves point out the types of dinosaurs on the stickers. 

Another suggestion, ask the children to create the memory in a workshop before they play, in such a way that you lengthen out the fun… 

Last suggestion, after the cutting out workshop, after the games workshop, you can suggest to the children that they choose their favourite card and put it into their party bag of surprises! 


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