The Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal

It’s the end of the summer holidays, and if you want to vow to be more organised this school year, the Bullet Journal is here to help you ! Originating in America, this type of journal is super simple to make and can be personalised however you want. We will explain to you the idea and give you some tips and tricks!

The Bullet Journal is a new-and-improved diary which is completely adapted to your life, because you’re the one who is going to organise it and lay out each page. Saying it like that, it might seem tedious, but don’t panic, it’s more simple than it seems !
To start, you will need a notebook, in a format of your choice (but not too big at the same time, if you want to bring it out and about – we think the ideal is A5 size), some felt-tips and some masking tape.


The Bullet Journal can be personalised in loads of different ways, which you can see on Pinterest. But in order to make it as practical as possible, there are a few main guidelines that we suggest you take on board.


This key system will allow you to quickly organise everything that you put in your diary.


Just like in a classic diary, this part is really practical but, instead, you need to draw and write it all out! If this task scares you or you want to save a bit of time, we have prepared a pretty monthly calendar that you can stick directly into your Bullet Journal! For everyone else: grab your pencils ! 

Start by an overview of the year…

Then of the month…

And finally, day by day…

These three calenders will help you to plan out your daily life at different levels.


The main point of the Bullet Journal is that it is adaptable to your needs! Therefore, you can save a few pages after the calendar parts for your lists of series to watch, books to read, birthdays to celebrate, or even your craziest wishlists.


The Bullet Journal is, of course, a tool for organising your days, but it is also a blank canvas to let your imagination run wild and free. If you are a natural at drawing or calligraphy, here’s your chance to express yourself by making this journal completely suited to your tastes !

A. A piece of masking tape or some little colourful drawings will brighten up your Bullet Journal.

B. And if you haven’t touched a colouring pencil since primary school, don’t worry ! You can print out our special Bullet Journal sheets, cut them out, stick them down, colour them in and you will have a super cute notebook.


Our last piece of advice for making your journal flow more simply and more practical: dividers! These are essential so that you don’t spend an hour looking for the page “genius ideas!” and then forget what you wanted to note down…

1. Take about a 5cm piece of masking tape and stick it back to back on either side of the page.

2. Cut another piece of masking tape, around 3cm, and stick it horizontally back to back on either side of the page.

3. Repeat this step as many times as necessary.

If you want a more discrete version, just stick a piece of masking tape on the top of your page, always back to back on either side of the page.

And there you have it: the control freak in you can make lists all day long !!!


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