The Best Dance Routine

The Best Dance Routine

Une Super Chorégraphie

The best team game is making up a dance routine! Choose a song with the children and then help them to repeat it. If there’s two of you, try make them repeat the lyrics with one adult per team, it’s better!

— Ok, new challenge. I will be in charge of Margot’s team, and Abigail (the person who assists you) will be in charge of Henry’s team. Each team will have to choose a song and invent choreography in just about ten minutes. Do you know what choreography is?

— No! Yes!

— It means that you will have to dance and make the same movements all together and at the same time. You’ll see, it’s pretty easy. Are you ready?

— Yes!

— Margot’s team is ready! I would like Henry’s team to sit down and applaud Margot’s team. Let’s call for the music : “Music, music, music!” and dance!

— Well done!

— Now it is Henry’s team’s turn! Then applaud them!

— Well done!

Let the kids make up very simple movements. If the choreography does not last the entire song, it’s no big deal. When the children dance in front of their friends, stand facing them and dance with them so that they can imitate you.


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