The Baby Welcome Party

The Baby Welcome Party

baby welcome party

Because of the Royal Baby, we simply can’t pretend as if this subject doesn’t exist. Team baby showeror Team welcome party ? There is, as we would say, differing opinions. What has Kate done? Did she celebrate before or after the birth of her baby? That’s the real question. If I was an editor-in-chief I would make it a subject of investigation! Well, whilst waiting to find out and see the pictures in the tabloids, we’ve written a post for the supporters of the baby shower as well as a post for those who want to throw a welcome party. Follow our planning to throw the perfect party!


The welcome party, it’s really quite the same as the baby shower ! Well, it’s almost the same except it’s after the birth… so it’s nothing like it. For example…

  1. You know the sex of your baby
  2. You know the name of your baby
  3. In short, you know your baby
  4. You’ve given birth so you have a story to tell
  5. If you’re not traumatised, you’re exhausted
  6. The baby is born so you either no longer sleep or sleep very little
  7. Depending on the date of the party and breastfeeding : you can drink (and the idea of partying without drinking makes me depressed)
  8. No more people to help me because I’ve already given birth (I’m exaggerating, there’s my mother and husband)
  9. I’m doing it during my maternity leave
  10. The main idea is to present the baby

Basically, the welcome party is the baby shower of those who have been through it all. Here’s the forward planing of someone who has already been through it : Me.

T-30 – I set a date. Straight afterwards, I make the guest list. Brothers and sisters, cousins, friends, neighbours, your great aunt Simone, your primary school teacher, it’s your choice ! Just so you’re in the know about what’s going to happen, the more people you invite, the less opportunity you will have to speak to everyone and the more noise there will be. Just saying…

T-29 – I create a save the date card completely by myself. I’m bored, my baby only sleeps and I have hours in front of me to spend on photoshop. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off my talents as a frustrated graphic designer. I find photos of my pregnancy and my baby, I photoshop, I put everything together and I make my save the date card. Just like that, it seems pretty easy, but I haven’t counted the hours that I’ve spent choosing the most beautiful pictures of my baby amongst the millions of pictures I’ve taken.

T-28 – I say to myself that the idea of a welcome party is a genius idea. It’s going to be super. I’ll see all my friends and family in one go… I can be surrounded by all my most loved ones. It’ll be exhausting, but it will be exhausting just the once.

T-27 – I start to plan the party. The theme, the decorations, the colour, the buffet

T-25 – I’ve opted for something simple : disco balls, sparkly leggings. Oops, I’ve just given birth, I can no longer fit into my leggings. Ahh and it isn’t really a party party, it’s a welcome party for my baby… Oops again ! I rethink, whilst multitasking of course during feeding time. What would Kate do ?

T– 20 – OK. I said to myself that Kate would choose the liberty theme. And then I thought to myself, yes, Kate is British… but I’m definitley more Meghan. So I’m going to take the flower option, but not small flowers, very big and very colourful ones ! Because my baby is a girl and it’s spring, I think it’s well thought out. If it had been winter, I would have definitely opted for the golden stars theme. From what I can see on Pinterest, I’m rather predictable.

T-18 – I’ve been trawling around the internet for hours. Well, as much as possible. There are several ‘traditional’ activities. I’ve chosen to do a select few but not all of them. I make my online order : some buntingballoons and letter balloonsdisposable tableware, and confetti. How did we ever do it before Google ?!

T-15 – I’ve received my order. I start to prepare what is preparable. Whilst multitasking of course. I print out what has to be printed, cut out what has to be cut out… You get it.

T-7 – I chase up everyone for their RSVP. That’s to say that there are some people in which I have less faith than others. I photoshop some photos of my baby. I could add in my husband… In fact no, it would be better with just me. At the moment,  there are some things that can’t be explained.

T-5 – I decide to set up my party decorations. Of course, I am at home 24/7 : it has it’s pros and cons, but in this case, we’re going to consider that it’s an advantage.

T-5 Still – I realise that I can’t do a lot of things in advance. That’s the disadvantage of having opted for a floral theme. I cut out my garlands to get my flowers. That will save some time. I could cut my paper circles for my memories activity, I prepare my jar and paper for my wishes activity. That’ll help me a bit. I put loads of photos of me and my husband when we were babies on the door.

T-1 – Finally, I can set everything up. I’m flat out, I haven’t seen anyone all week and I’m dreaming of a glass of wine. Maybe even two. I’m going to start by going to buy the flowers. Did I tell you that my baby is called Daisy ? I get on with making my flower walls. It’s stunning !

T-1 STILL – I prepare my cocktails, I’m making fruity ones : Bellini, Pina Colada, Cosmos… I prepare my jars of baby food (follow this link to understand). I make the batter for my carambar cake (to die for). You may be saying to yourself, how does she find the time to do all that ? It’s simple, I have an extraordinary mother and as a result I haven’t had a child for the last 24 hours. As soon as I have time, I’ll write a version with a baby. It’s not exactly the same, but I imagine that if you’re reading this, you’ll know.

T-1 – LATER – I transform my dining table into a buffet table. I do everything just like Lili Barbery. I set up a splendid buffet table. I cover it with a large white tablecloth and a pink tablecloth that’s a little shorter. I sprinkle over my paper flowers. At the centre of the table I put a vase filled with flowers. I arrange my chairs. I like the idea that everyone can sit around the table. I find it more sociable. I put out big china plates which I complete with some flowery paper plates on top, I put out some champagne glasses, some martini glasses, some cups, some fruit on a cake stand… I’ve missed my vocation, I should have been Lili.

T-1 – EVEN LATER –  I make the most of my evening without my baby by going to the cinema.

downloaded the retroplanning here.


10:00 am : It’s a great idea to have a lie in. I’ve forgotten.

11:00 am : I get up. I make red fruit kebabs. I eat all the chocolates… I bake my carambar cake. I make my chocolate spoons. I put the juices into some carafes. I get out my polaroid and some spare film. I put down some flower crowns (already made, but in case the more daring want to make their own, I get out the extra materials). My husband, because I do in fact have a husband, prepares an enormous plate of charcuterie/cheese which I put carefully aside for later.

14:00 pm : My mother is back with my darling daughter. She’s sleeping.

15:00 pm : It’s 3 o’clock. I’m going to take a shower. It goes without saying that my husband is already ready. He’s reading the newspaper. In his defence, it’s Saturday, and Saturday is the day of the supplement. I know, how simple. Next time, I’ll write a version where the jobs are shared, although he has prepared the platter for me. I get dressed. I wear something simple and practical. I put on my makeup. I change my little darling. I get out her prettiest outfit for the occasion : tights + bloomers + shirt with a ruffle + little cardigan. She’s adorable, that’s for sure !

16:00 pm : They’re here ! It’s time for the official presentation of my beautiful baby. Oh, I’m excited.

16:10 pm : My friends are amazed without exception (with the decoration and the baby). I think they’re extra-excited.

16:20 pm : I explain to them the principle. There are a heap of activities linked to my new role of mother ! And it’s an open workshop, but it’s compulsory (I’ve become an authoritarian in the space of a month and a half, it’s crazy !). Here’s what I expect from you !

–  Flower crown activity. There are pre-made crowns and crowns you can make. So it’s optional.

– Photobooth with my darling little baby. Each one of you with a a crown on your head or just a flower in a button hole will do for the men. One photo for you, one photo for me. Stick the photo for me on my wall with masking tape. Thanking you !

– Baby food taste test Tell me if you recognise what’s inside the jars. Don’t panic, I’ve adapted the recipies. I’m not going to give you some cold Cow & Gate ! I’m still challenging to you to tell me what’s inside. There is alway someone who launches a debate on some “forgotten” vegetables.

– Short messages to write on circles of paper to stick on the table. There is loads of colourful paper on this table. I would be really happy if each of you writes a little message for my little girl and sticks it on this frame !

– Cocktail tasting: I don’t think you need any explanation. As far as I’m concerned, the deal is simple. Tonight, I won’t raise a finger in regards to my share of the tasks.

17:00 pm : We’re super happy to have you here. I’d like you to do one last thing. I would like each of you to write a wish (an honest one) for Daisy. There’s a little sheet of paper for each of you. Once you’ve written your wish, seal it up with masking tape and put it in this box (or jar). I promise I won’t read them. In fact, I’m going to put them away until she’s old enough to read them herself. I’ll give you some ideas of wishes. She will be beautiful, with hair as bright as corn, the radiance of a rose in the sunshine, and ruby red lips. Her voice will be pretty, her life will be melodic, the nightingale, her troubadour, will sing her a tune everyday. Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, begin !

18:00 pm : My husband gives in. He gets out the charcuterie/cheese plate. Cries of joy are heard from my living room ! They’ve got a nerve. Isn’t this party good enough ?! Sorry, but it’s about the baby ! I let it go. I’m also craving cheese.

18:30 pm : Shall we open your presents ?! You’ve spoiled us, it’s very extravagant. (Inside, I’m praying that there’s a voucher for a shiatsu massage).

19:00 pm : Ok it’s over ! Thank you thank you thank you.  I will think about it later but all that I know is that there are lots of clothes that are clearly not appropriate. I have just enough brain cells left to say thank you and think that I’m going to spend the next week getting refunds !

19:05 pm Emotion + alcohol + hormones : it’s time for tears ! it doesn’t seem likely to me that you’ll escape it. Normally, everyone escapes compulsory hugs. Almost, there are always two or three guys who don’t have the heart not to or are in league with your husband to stay later.

19:15 pm : I slip away, when it comes to sharing the jobs, I leave my perfectly sober husband and his reasonably drunk friends the task of tidying everything up. My little wonder and I are going to bed ! Tomorrow, I’ll fill up her album. It was her first party.

Conclusion : it was super, but it was a bit like a dream. If I had to do it again, in real life I mean, I would do it when she sleeps through the night. Or I would even do a baby shower so that my friends can look after me. But then I think again. And that would be without taking into account superstition, fatigue, mental stress, work, procrastination, premature labour and the crazy idea that is believing that afterwards will be easier…

download the activities list here!


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