The Animal Race

The Animal Race

The Animal Race is a game for all the little ones. It’s very simple, the only complication is copying the walk of the children’s favourite animals. It lasts a little less than 10 minutes: the time to explain the game and to make the children take at least two turns each!

— Everybody at home! (Designate a “home” area such as a wall or a piece of furniture where the children stand in line as far as possible from you). I’m going to get you racing!
— Oooooooh!
— Given that it’s quite easy, I will make it a little bit more difficult. For the first round, I would like you to jump like kangaroos. The first person who touches me has won! Are you ready?
— Yes!
— Well done! For the second round, I would like you to gallop like horses.

At each new round, you can suggest new steps. Ask the children to jump forward crouching like frogs, to move backwards, to hold hands in pairs, to walk like little mice or to make bunny hops… Make sure that everybody has understood by asking them to show you first.

At 3 years old, the children are still obviously very young. Certain moves may proove to be too tricky for them so don’t hesitate to simplify the game! 


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