A wedding ring terrarium

A wedding ring terrarium


The season for popping the question and finding that perfect ring is fast approaching! For all who say yes, we have created a beautiful, bohemian glass terrarium DIY for your wedding rings!
After hours and hours of singing ‘If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it‘ they finally did… you’re getting married!


1. Prepare what you will be using, remember to clean the terrarium carefully and arrange your foliage neatly.

2. Cut your flowers to size, as desired and place them inside of the terrarium. If you have a particular colour scheme for your wedding, feel free to choose some flower buds in the same colour combinations to make your wedding ring terrarium super co-ordinated!

3. When it comes to displaying your wedding rings in the terrarium, place them around a leaf so that they are visable and do not fall amongst the foliage.

Tadaaa, the terrarium for your wedding rings is ready, place it on a flat wooden log for that final touch!


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