DIY pirate telescope

You’re looking for the perfect costume for a fancy-dress party, a carnival, a pirate themed birthday party… ? We’ve got all the kit you need to dress up as Captain Hook! We’ll start with the eye patch, then with the pirate hat, don’t forget the hook, and last but not least, the essential item, we’re going to make a telescope!


  • A place mat, like this one! (you can also use a piece of cardboard)
  • Some tape
  • Some masking tape which you will find here!

1. Roll up the place mat across the width.
2. Stick a piece of tape along the length to make sure it doesn’t unravel.
3. Cut out two pieces of masking tape the same length as the diameter of the telescope.

4. Stick the pieces that you have cut out to each extremity of the place mat and fold the pieces inside the circles in order to strengthen the two ends.

There you have it; your telescope is ready to go ! With this, you will see your enemies arriving from miles off!


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