Team Mimes

Team Mimes

Team Mimes for children

To play Team Mimes, you must first make the teams and then give out a list of things to choose from (objects, characters, or animals according to the ages of the children).

— Well done! I’d like you to stay in your places. Do you know how to do mimes?

— Yessss! Nooooo…

— I’m going to whisper an animal, a character or an object to one of you and you need to make your friends guess what is it whilst only making gestures and actions. You can’t speak!

— Oooooohhh!

— I’m going to choose one person from each team to have a go. The first team which guesses what the person is miming correctly, wins a point. Jules, come beside me, you’re going to mime… a tiger. Well done! Jeanne, it’s your turn.

To start with, animals: a chicken, a lion, a snake, an elephant, a kangaroo, a cat, a frog, a horse, a tortoise, a wolf, a monkey, a mouse, a fish…

Then, an action: driving a car, flying a plane, skiing, skateboarding, looking after a baby, waking up, playing tennis, boxing, playing the violin, dancing, crying…

If that’s too easy, professions and characters: a juggler, a doctor, a teacher, an Indian, a Cowboy, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Spiderman…

If there are fewer children, you can play the same game but without teams.

If you’re in a team and you’ve forgotten to keep track of your score, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter too much!

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