Team Formation

Team Formation

team formation

When organising a team game, you must have teams. And to have teams, you have to get into them. And, to get into them, there’s a method. You need to allow a good 10 minutes to do things correctly!

— Everybody stand up and go against the wall. We’ll form two teams. Henry, you are my first team captain. Come next to me. I would like you to choose the captain of the other team. That person will therefore not be in your team!

— Phoebe!

— So, Phoebe, you are a captain too. Henry and Phoebe will call you one after the other and you will stand in a line behind your captain!

— Now that the teams are formed, I would like each team to sit on one side of the room in line, facing the other team. You will now have to think of a team name. For instance, Henry’s team, you could be named “the champions» or «the tigers”? (You will certainly have to help both teams.)

— Now that you have a name, you need a war call! You can put your hands one on top of the other and shout: “1, 2, 3, long live the champions!” The goal is to impress the opposing team. (Again you will have to help both teams.)

— So Henry’s team, what have you come up with?

— “1,2,3, long live the champions!”

— The opposing team answers: “Boooooooo!”

— Again, again: “1, 2, 3, long live the champions!

— Well done! Now it is the other team’s turn!

At each stage of getting the teams together, you must help the children so that they find a name and a battle cry. If you have an adult per team, it’s obviously simpler but only, it’s very feasible! 


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