Swimming Pool Bunting – Hockney

Swimming Pool Bunting – Hockney

The David Hockney exhibition in the middle of summer in Paris has inspired us to create a series of pool party tutorials !
This swimming pool and diving board garland is the decoration of my summer ! And even if I stay in Paris, I go to Molitor, I imitate Romy, I hit on Alain between 2 deckchairs and I go to BAM kareoke to sing with Isabelle !


  • The print-out, which can be downloaded here
  • String of your choice (you will need around 1.5 m)
  • Sticky tape

1. Print 4 copies of the print-out

2. Cut of all of the swimming pools using scissors

3. On the back of each ot the swimming pools, stick the string. So that the swimming pools stay in place when you hang the garland up, stick the string the whole way along the shape, like shown below :


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