Sweet Table Labels

Sweet Table Labels

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sweet table would not be a sweet table without personalised labels ! They’re super easy to make, and they will allow you to spice up your table and make it a bit more festive ! We have given you the choice between “Colourful clouds” and “Blue clouds“.

1. Print the printout as many times as necessary and cut out all of the parts that you need. You have the choice between colourful clouds and blue clouds !

2. All you need to do now is to place a toothpick in the middle of the flag and stick the two sides together to conceal the stick in the middle.
3. To make the toppers, you will need to stick the clouds to the kebab skewers with a bit of sticky tape.

4. Once that the flags and the toppers are finished, you can wrap the labels around the bottles. Cut out the excess paper with scissors and stick it with a bit of sticky tape.

It’s done ! The essential parts of a successful Sweet table are now ready ! All that’s left to do is to write the names of your guests on the labels !


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