Surprise Astroboy Candy Boxes

Surprise Astroboy Candy Boxes

Everyone loves presents. Here’s how to make surprise candy boxes to give out at the end of an Astroboy themed birthday partyIt’s super easy!


  • Masking tape here
  • The gift tag printable here
  • The party bag printable here
  • Some small gifts that you’ll find here
  • Confetti to buy here
  • A pair of scissors

1. Print out the printables as many times as necessary.
2. Make a cylinder by joining the two sides together with masking tape.

3. Pinch one of the sides of the cylinder together and fold it over.
4. Fill up the little pocket with sweetsgifts and confetti.

5. Pinch the other side of the cylinder and fold it over to create the shape.

6. Cut out the gift tags for each berlingot and use masking tape to stick them on.

And Bob’s your uncle ! The cosmic candy cartons are ready to give out to your guests !   

Give the presents out to the little guests on the doorstep when everyone is ready to leave. You can note down the first names of the children directly onto the party bags. This avoids any dramas.

You can replace the printables with little bits of wrapping paper for even more endless possibilities ! 

You can do this as an activity with the children during the afternoon and ask them to fill up their little pouches gradually throughout the day. For example, at the end of the birthday party, they can share the remaining sweets amongst themselves and put them in their carton. If you do a piñata, the presents can be added once they’re picked up…


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