Surf Glass Markers

Surf Glass Markers

Parties on the beach are the best ! We laugh, we drink, but we always forget which is our glass ! To solve this problem, we suggest some funky glass markers you can make yourself ! You’ll no longer have an excuse to finish everyone’s glass by saying “oh I don’t know which one is mine”…


1. Print out the printable and cut out each surfboard.

2. Foam option : Put the plain surfboard shape onto a sheet of foam, draw around it and cut out the shape. If the foam option doesn’t interest you, you could always stick the patterned surfboard onto some grey card to make it more sturdy.

3. Glue the patterned surfboards onto the foam.

4. Make a little cut at the bottom of the board in order to be able to attach your marker to the glass and you’re ready to go ! And before the cocktails!


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