Surf Gift Tags!

Surf Gift Tags!

Do you feel like adding a little “Jaws”-style touch to your surf-themed gifts ? These small gift tags are made for you !

1. Print out the printable as many times as you need in order to have one gift tag for each guest. Cut out the gift tags.

2. Distribute the little gifts into each party bagSweetstemporary tattoosstickers, hair clips, mini figurines… The type and amount of gifts you put in the bags is up to you.

3. Glue the back of the gift tags and use them to seal the party bags !
4. Place them near your door to give them out more easily.

PRO ADVICE : The gifts for the little guests should be given out on the doorstep, when everyone is ready to leave. You could write the children’s names directly onto the party bags. This avoids any dramas.


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