Superhero Garland

Superhero Garland

Guirlande super-héros

Even superheros celebrate their birthday, so we’ve created this super garland to brighten up the GHQ’s and Batcaves of our friends Clark, Diana, or Bruce. Use this free simple printable tutorial!


  • The printable for the shapes, to download here, and for letters here.
  • Thick paper
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Some long ribbon or string

1. Download the printables. Print onto the thick paper the letters that you need to write your message. Print out the two other shapes so that you have one of each for every letter you’ve printed out. Cut out all the elements.

2. Glue the red shapes onto those with the blue outline. Under each letter, stick some pieces of cardboard so that they’re raised.

3. Place the letters however you want on the shapes and stick them in place with glue.

4. Line up the different elements whilst spacing them a few centimetres apart, and stretch your ribbon or string from one end to the other. Cut a length of ribbon/string long enough so that you have at least a 20 cm margin at each end of the garland to be able to hang it up.

5. Make two small level holes at the top of each one of your shapes. Thread your string through these holes, spread out the letters and then sellotape the thread onto the back of the shapes to keep them at regular intervals, and voilà… a super superhero garland!


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