Superhero Decoration

Superhero Decoration

DIY décoration ballons super-héros

For a superhero themed birthday party, we don’t skimp on the balloons! Choose them in blue, red and yellow, and make a cluster so big that you could almost fly away with it!
To make the cluster even cooler, you can add emoji shaped foil balloons, you can also choose hamburgers, hot-dogs: basically, everything will be so USA!


  • The emoji balloons here!
  • The superhero balloons here!
  • Some wool or gift ribbon
  • A pair of scissors
  • A helium canister here!

The bunch of balloons: in my dreams (with helium)
Before anything else, prepare your equipment! Cut the threads of wool beforehand, we’ve chosen a long length of wool so that we can create a sizeable cluster. You might also prefer gift ribbon which has the huge advantage of not getting tangled up. Finally, if you want to get a floating effect, you can use balloon weights which allow the balloons to float but not fly away.

Helium keeps latex balloons in the air for 24h. To make the balloons fly for longer, use HiFloat. The balloon will float between 48h and 72h more!

1. Take out the helium canister from its box. Certain canisters don’t have the pressure regulator fixed to the canister, in this case don’t panic, there’ll be a screw in the tap, like on a gas canister.

2. And we’re off! Blow up the balloons. If need be, watch the tutorial here which will explain to you the basics of using helium canisters to inflate latex or foil balloons.

3. Once the balloons are inflated, make a knot  at the end with the thread of wool or gift ribbon. And then you can leave the balloons to float up to the ceiling.

4. To set them up, you can group the balloons together and stabilise them with a balloon weight, or on the back of a chair. You can also arrange them a little bit all over the room.

The bunch of balloons: in reality (without helium) 
If, like me, you aren’t a helium fan:
– For the Glam Californian, you want to save the planet!
– Because you’ve completely forgotten to buy it, oops…
– Because the cost of a helium canister makes you fall over backwards!!
So, for all these reasons you are a “Barbara Gould” woman, and it’s perfect timing that we’ve got lots of tricks up our sleeve to make balloon decorations cool without helium!

1. Blow up the balloons with your mouth. Ditto for the Mylar balloons, if you need watch the tutorial here.

2. To give an aerial aspect to the decoration, rub the latex balloons against a blanket, a jumper etc; in wool, it’s even better if you have cashmere. You can also rub them against your hair. All that’s left to do is to press them against the ceiling (if you have a tall ceiling height, make sure you have a stall or a stepladder ready) (important, sometimes it doesn’t work, it depends on the paint that you have). Over to you the cloud of balloons!

3. The Mylar balloons don’t react very well to static electricity. As shown in the tutorial, you can attach a piece of double sided tape or masking tape and stick the balloons to the wall.

4. Finally, you can also make this extraordinary decoration by making an entire wall of balloons!
– To set this up, you will need a nylon thread, lots of balloons (determine the number according to the size of the wall that you’d like to cover) (for a wall of 2m by 3m, you will need around a hundred balloons) and a balloon pump!
– To create this set up, you will need to cut a piece of thread and stretch it. To stretch it out, you need to fasten it from beginning to end to some chairs (or door handles or actual people). Then, blow up the balloons and make a knot directly around the thread so that you can glide the balloons along the length of the thread. All that you need to do is inflate as many balloons as necessary to get a nice clump of balloons. Then you need to make as many clumps as necessary to cover up the wall. When the balloons are fixed, you can attach them one to the other with the nylon thread.
– You can also make one small clump and fix it to your wall with a little bit of scotch in the shape of an arch like in the Estelle’s photo!


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