Superhero Birthday Party

Superhero Birthday Party

Anniversaire super-héros

I have a child at home who thinks she’s a superhero. Normal. She’s 4. She’s at school. She likes Spiderman whom she calls Pisderman. Without having the foggiest idea who Spiderman is. Normal. She’s 4 years old. She eats, dreams and sleeps Spiderman. Consequently, because I’m a super mother, I’ve decided to organise a Spiderman-themed birthday party!

Of course I’m joking! Ahahaha. In truth, Spiderman and me are a bit fed up with each other. For the superhero he is, he’s hurt me a lot. Also I have vertigo which is a bit of a problem. So I make a deal with my daughter. We’re going to have a superhero-themed birthday party. The superhero theme pleases everyone. It’s a generic term, it can apply to Superman, Batman, Catwoman, Wonderman, Hulk and Spiderman. And myself since I’m super. Get it?
Now the theme has been set, we can start to work! That’s all well and good, but I have other work to do. And I’ve decided to organise this birthday party whilst being a boss. A bit like Batman or Zorro. I realise, a bit more and I will launch myself into gender studies. I’m very close.


T-25 The theme is set. I get on with making the invitations. Ready-made ones aren’t bad at all. But because I’m amazing, I do everything myself. I make 10. You might say that 10 is too much. Yes I heard, I’m not deaf. But remember that I’m super strong! So I keep my list to 10. I’ve already left off quite a few children. On the other hand, I write in bold capital letters that the party will last 2h30. Not a minute more.
T-23 I’ve made all my invitations. I’ve been impressively efficient. I give Diana (my daughter for those who aren’t following) the onomatopoeia stickers and let her customise the envelopes. Yes I know, it will be fine.
T-20 I sneakily give the invitations to the teacher who is by chance one of my friends…
T-17 I have a long think. My brain is empty. I pull myself together. What would Clark do in my situation? I think he would send a telex to his journalist friends… I have a look around Pinterest and the internet. I’m not far from having too many ideas.
T-15 I order the things I need.
T-10 I consider dressing up as Wonderwoman. But only for a couple of minutes. I say to myself that it would be like kicking down a big open door. Useless. So I opt for a silver sparkly jumpsuit. It’s closer to my reality of being a post-modern hero (mother).
T-7 I prepare the playlist, print out the printables, print out the games list and the games themselves…
T-1 the evening in my kitchen – I’m clear-headed and so I know that aiming for the best is the enemy of good. So I decide to keep it simple: I prepare the base for my layer cake, (yoghurt cake + chocolate ganache), I prepare my cupcake batter and biscuit dough, I make my icing, and I get out the tools I’ll need tomorrow to transform everything. I love multitasking.
T-1 – still the evening – I’m not tired, multitasking is my thing. I set up in my corridor the wool for my heroic obstacle course, I customise the cups for my tin can alley, I prepare the materials for my different workshops, I get out and sort the presents for the party bags. I set up New York from one side to the other of the dining room table. I dress the lollipops as superheros.
T-1 – still the evening – I’m in a great mood ! I’m not sure I’ll fall asleep…



7:00 AM – Diana is about to take flight.
7:01 AM – I get up. I tumble out of bed. (It’s at this exact moment that I realise the cost of going into overdrive yesterday).
7:05 AM – I explain to Diana the woolen obstacle course and suggest she trains for it whilst I go back to bed.
9:00 AM – She has perfectly mastered the course. I get up without hope of going back to bed.
9:30 AM – I put my cupcakes in the oven. I assemble my layer cake by covering it with ganache, and top it with a Spiderman figurine. I take out my cupcakes and let them cool. I put my star biscuits in the oven. Armed with my piping bag, I glaze my cupcakes and I stick stars and toppers on them. I take out my biscuits, make a little dot of ganache and stick red, blue and yellow smarties on them!
10:30 AM – I make my bed. I cover it with a light blue sheet, and paper clouds and tower blocks! I get out a stepladder which I leave against the bed!
11:00 AM – I fill the party bags, helped by Diana who puts temporay tattoos, rings, bracelets, superhero figurines and sweets into each bag. I stick a lightning bolt on each bag to finish off the chaos!
11:30 AM – It’s time to inflate the helium balloons. I inflate them and make a forest of yellow, red and blue star balloons. Just in front of it I put out the tin can alley. I put the accessories for the workshops on the floor.
12:00 PM – It’s just perfect!
12:15 PM – I get out a plate of pasta.
12:30 PM – I set the table.
13:00 PM – I put Diana to bed.
13:05 PM – I put myself to bed.
15:00 PM – Unpleasant awakening. For me especially. I get dressed. I do my make up, I stick glitter on my eyelids in order to match my outfit. I dress Diana: a red leotard, a red superheroine belt, a red cape and a red mask!
15:30 PM – They’re all here. Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Zorro and their friends. Armed with some lovely birthday cards.
15:32 PM – We make a circle. I explain to them who I am (because it’s not obvious) and what we’re going to do this afternoon. We’re all going to play together in the living room. We’re not going in Diana’s bedroom. .
15:33 PM – I’m going to make you do a little superhero quiz to test your knowledge! Normally, they should be unable to answer your questions!! Because 1 – they’re tiny and 2 – they haven’t seen most of the superhero movies !
15:35 PM – Children, we’re going to play Grandmother’s footsteps! But any old version, Grandmother’s footsteps for superheros! Attention, for the first round, I want you to move like a spider, a cat, a bat…
15:45 PM – Let’s sit down and make a circle. We’re going to be postmen. Do you all know the song? Super, we’re going to use a superhero voice!!! How? Well, it’s deep and serious at the same time!
15:55 PM – Let’s make a circle again. I’m going to teach you how to play pass the parcel! It goes without saying that if the hidden present is a superhero figurine, that’s even better.
16:05 PM – Sit down on the floor in front of me. Each one of you is going to make your own superhero cape! I’ll let you dig through the pile of letters to find the initial of your surname…
16:25 PM – We’re going to make a little superhero train that will lead us straight to the food. Hold on!
16:40 PM – We’re now going to make your superhero masks!
17:00 PM – You’re incredible!!! Go and transform into real superheros. And now follow me, I’m going to teach you to fly! Yes I know it’s incredible, I’m incredible etc. You’re going to look like you’re flying over my bed! Are you ready! To get to my bed, there’s an obstacle course to cross! Go one after the other (if you have a helper, ask them to put the children’s photos in their party bags!)!!
17:25 PM – We’re going to play musical statues. When I turn off the music I’d like you to turn into a spider, a cat, a bat, Hulk, Zorro…
17:35 PM – Let’s play tin can alley! 
17:45 PM – One last game! Put aside your costumes because you’ll need to be extremely mobile! The Brazilian dance is a very strange dance. Only the best four can win!
17:53 PM – And now it’s time to open the presents!!!
18:00 PM – Saved by the bell!!  It’s done! Over!!!! Next year, I’m going to try dinosaurs

PS : For the older ones, you could add an activity. Make “burger and chips” cookies from edible modelling dough and customise the burger boxes and the fry boxes !!


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