Summertime Straw Garland

Summertime Straw Garland

Whether it be a lollypop or a cone, we’re going to enjoy as many ice creams as possible this summer ! And we’ve even made a super-easy DIY to assemble your ice creams into a garland. No need to be an expert to make amazing decorations !


  • 2 sets of straws, which can be found here
  • Some string, which you can find here
  • A pair of scissors
  • A kebab stick
  • Masking tape, which you can find here

1. Use the masking tape to attach the thread to a kebab stick, as if it was a needle.

2. Arrange the straws into a triangle and pass the string through them like on the photos.

3. Repeat for each “triangle” of straws. Make sure to keep pulling the string so that the garland remains tight.

4. To make a 1.10m garland, you need 4.50m of string and 15 straws.

5. And voilà ! A super garland perfect for celebrating summer !


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