Summer Windmills

Summer Windmills

diy deco enfant

Whether you want to entertain your children or finish of your party decoration, these fresh and colourful windmills will be perfect ! You could almost believe that you were on the beach, at the ice cream stand…


    • The printable, which can be downloaded here
    • Sheets of A4 paper
    • A pair of scissors
    • A cutter
    • Straws, which can be found here
    • Brass fasteners
    • Optional : felt markers, which can be found here
diy deco enfant 9

1. Print out the printable and cut out the shapes with the help of a pair of scissors.

2. Cut out the holes with the help of a cutter so that the brass fasteners can fit through.

diy deco enfant 8

3. Pierce (whilst being CAREFUL) a slit into each straw (one straw per windmill).

diy deco enfant 7

4. Assemble each corner onto the brass fastener.

diy deco enfant 5

5. Thread everything onto the straw !

diy deco enfant 4

6. Repeat for each windmill !

diy deco enfant

7.  Optional : Colour in the fasteners with the help of a felt marker ! And you’re done !

diy deco enfant 2


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