Star Wars Invitations

Star Wars Invitations

DIY invitation Star Wars

Young Padawans, join me in the assembly of the Jedi knights which is organised in the imminent future in the general district of the rebels. We’re fighting for justice in the heart of the galaxy. Don’t forget to equip yourself with a Light Saber just in case you meet the Sixth Warrior on your way.

This is what you should say when organising a Jedi themed birthday party. But we’re all friends here, we understand what works and what doesn’t, and this invitation sums this up well!


  • The Jedi printables which you can download here and here!
  • A piece of black paper
  • bright band
  • Masking tape which you can find here!
  • A glue stick
  • A ruler
  • A pair of scissors

1. Print out the first printable on the piece of black paper and cut out the different shapes by following the templates, so that you’re left with the three parts of the envelope.
2. Take the largest part and fold up the two ends towards the inside by following the lines.
3. Take the two small bits and fold the strips whilst following the lines.

4. Take back the large part and lay it out. Use the glue to fix in place the two smaller parts to the big part.
5. Stick the strip B on top to form the envelope of the invitation.
6. Print out the second printable and cut out the invitation following the template.
7. Use masking tape to fix the bright tube below the text.

Now all that’s left to do is to slip your invitation into the envelope, seal it and then give it to your friends. May the force be with you!


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